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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Small Heart, Big love

         From the first sight, I never get the idea how I will love him too much. Then he come into my life and bring joy than has taken from me before.. Thinking that I might never want to be any closed to them, then I have no hope to be in love  with him..

         His cherish make me can't be far apart from him.. His face, his laughs, his favourite,  all that make me deeply in love n never ever ever n ever thinking of losing him..

          But he just sent to make me happy only for a while. Never though that the last pair of sad looking eyes I've seen in the bus terminal is the last goodbye from him.. I just smiled and give him a kiss in the forehead.. He looks like try to tell me something, but I rushing closed the door and leave him..

          Going back to Johor really gave me a big shocked and In the time I'm trying to get use of the shocked, my sister inbox me. She said that He don't have much time any more.. He suffering since i'm having my time at Johor. The next day, I received a news that he has leave me forever..

          It almost been a month since he leave me, but my eyes still crying for him everyday.. There is no use to regret any longer.. I just never forget to pray so that I have the chance to meet him again.. Even once, or even just in my dream.. And I will never stop hoping..

For my sayang, my love always there for you... Because I'll never found love like you..

#for Mott a.k.a comott..

The day before he died..


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